Artificial Grass for your Dallas Home

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The weather in Dallas is not necessarily conducive to effective traditional landscaping, the hot and muggy weather forces overwatering which in some cases can produce mud and pooling areas is some yards. This is just one of the many reasons people just like you have chosen to install artificial grass in their home.

Additionally, your lawn can succumb to damages that your children and pets inflict on it. Frequent foot traffic can cause damage like dead spots and bald patches. At times it can be difficult to bring your yard back to life especially if your yard suffers from big shadow areas where traditional grass will not grow. Also, heavy use area’s near playgrounds can be especially difficult. Check out 6-kid friendly landscaping ideas with turf.

Home beautification by installing artificial grass is the most coming reason our customers choose HomeTurf Dallas artificial turf. Besides the standard front and backyard installations, artificial turf can be used as project accents for side yards, putting green edging for fringe, outdoor living areas, bocce ball courts, playground or just about anything you can imagine.

Artificial Grass for your Dog

Dog owner? Then you know all too well the burn marks and yellow spots our best friend can leave. One of the basic foundations for a well-trained dog is potty training, but it’s also one of the biggest challenges for many pet owners who have regular natural grass. Yet, another great reason to change over to artificial grass for your dog.

In this real-life case study, we take a look at all the factors you should consider when choosing the perfect solution for your dog. View our Pet Owner’s Case Study now

Our past customers who have chosen to install artificial grass in their Dallas homes gave their yards a new lease on life. Today they have a green, luxurious and natural-looking lawn year-round without having to water and mow. It’s virtually maintenance free.

In fact, in addition to laying turf in the backyard, front yard and side yard, we can also install synthetic grass to create features like these most common backyard applications:

  • Playgrounds
  • Bocce Ball Courts
  • Putting Greens
  • Outdoor Living Areas

Stop Worrying and Start Living

Stop worrying about taking care of your lawn. Today you have a real solution to your yard problems. Homeowners like you deserve a beautiful lawn and it’s just a phone call away when you contact Home Turf Dallas artificial grass.

Download your copy of the Pet Case Study Guide by clicking below: