The Top 4 Uses of Artificial Grass Installation for Dallas Backyards

Artificial grass is more popular than ever, particularly in areas with hot summers and subtropical climates like Texas. Turf does not need watering, and it can withstand any weather without sustaining damage. On top of its lifelike and low-maintenance nature, artificial grass in Dallas also lends itself to a wide range of applications. Interested in going synthetic? Get inspired by some of the most popular ways to use artificial grass installation in the backyard!


4 Most Popular Ways to Use Artificial Grass Installation Dallas Backyards

Switching to artificial grass installation unlocks so many possibilities, the hardest part is choosing your favorite. Narrow down your list with the following ideas:

1. Backyard Play Areas

Artificial grass in Dallas is an excellent choice for children’s outdoor play areas. It creates an even, level surface with very few tripping hazards. Little feet will not track mud, dirt or grass into the house. For an extra layer of protection, a shock-absorbent material can be installed under the turf, which absorbs the impact of trips and falls. Concerned about turf getting too hot under the glare of the Texas sun? Place the play area under the shade of trees, or use shade sails to keep it cool for the kids.

2. Backyard Lawns

For a backyard that’s as beautiful as your front lawn, consider synthetic grass in Dallas. Unlike front lawns, the purpose of a backyard is more functional than visual. For example, it usually serves as a social space for guests, pet runs and outdoor areas for the family. The durability of turf makes it the perfect choice for such high-traffic areas. It will never develop ugly brown spots, dead grass from urine or bare patches due to high foot traffic. Feel free to beautify it with flower pots, outdoor furniture, hanging lights and other types of décor for a lovely backyard lawn.

3. Backyard Putting Greens

Boost your backyard’s fun factor by installing a putting green! Practice your chips and putts on your very own customized course, and invite friends and family to join in the sport. Another alternative to a backyard putting green is a mini-golf course. Watch your backyard become the envy of the neighborhood with this amenity!

4. Backyard Entertaining Areas

This one for homeowners who love throwing dinner parties or weekend brunches at home. Without ever having to maintain an irrigation system or pushing a mower, you can have a welcoming green lawn that provides both a focal point and background for outdoor parties.

Once your installers are done with artificial grass installation in Dallas, you’ll have traffic- and damage-resistant backyard that can handle a lot of people and activity without losing its beauty and function.

Go Synthetic for a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass Installation Backyard

Enjoy all the best parts of having a lush and green outdoor area without effort! Aside from installing stress-free artificial backyards, Home Turf Dallas also provides putting greens, commercial installations and synthetic grass for dogs in Dallas. We have a long history of helping homeowners achieve the backyard of their dreams, and we’d love to do the same for you! Call Home Turf Dallas today at 214-736-4736 for inquiries of our synthetic grass installation services, artificial grass packages and to receive a free quote.