Commercial Artificial Turf For Your Dallas Business

At Home Turf, we offer premium quality commercial artificial turf grass installation for Dallas businesses, office buildings and other properties that need to look their best. Common uses for our commercial clients who install artificial grass in Dallas include:

  • Upgrading the look and function of the property
  • Switching from traditional turf to synthetic grass
  • Renovating athletic and practice facilities
  • Increasing the value of the property for its owners or clientele
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Regardless of the reason for switching to synthetic grass, look to Home Turf for all of your best options. Our team listens closely to what your surface covering goals are and guides you to turf options that more than suit your needs.

We serve a broad scope of commercial clients. Some of the clientele that Home Turf Dallas routinely serves include:

  • Property managers looking for beautiful, low maintenance, cost-effective artificial turf
  • Homeowners associations in the market for residential turf that increases neighborhood curb appeal and lowers the noise and impact of grounds keeping tasks like mowing & blowing
  • Business owners who want to keep landscaping costs low and create safe spaces for customers, children and pets
  • Government property owners and schools needing to focus on a long term, easy maintenance of their landscapes and soft surfaces that are ideal for children to run and play on

Whether you need artificial turf to reduce the amount of money that you spend on watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing and other landscaping tasks please contact Home Turf Dallas today. We look forward to learning more about your project and helping you decide which Dallas artificial turf products would work best for you.

Check out our free guide, Designing with Artificial Turf to learn more.

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