Artificial Grass Installation in Dallas: 6 Landscaping Ideas Your Kids Will Love

A synthetic grass backyard is such a family-friendly feature. Artificial grass installation in Dallas can turn any yard into a safer, low-maintenance and absolutely beautiful part of any home. Want to create a more exciting outdoor play space for your kids? Try these fun landscaping ideas to make your yard a more fun place to be!

6 Child-Friendly Landscaping Ideas with Turf

Children need tons of fresh air and sunshine, but it can be hard to pry them away from their gadgets. For a backyard your kids will go crazy for, these artificial grass landscaping ideas are sure to be a hit:

play heaven with artificial grass

1. Install play equipment.

Turn your yard into a playground paradise by adding some playground equipment like a simple sandpit, mini-slides, obstacle course and splash pads. Don’t worry about your yard— artificial turf in Dallas can handle a lot of weight without getting damaged. Installers can also shape turf into any shape and size to fit around any play equipment.

2. Add Landscaping whimsical paths.

Make your synthetic lawn the perfect place to ride bikes, scooters and roller blades by installing hard surfaces such as decking and paving. Infuse a sense of adventure by designing a curved path instead of a standard patio.

For instance, you can create a track that twists and turns around your garden. Watch your little ones enjoy a whole range of races and games!

3. Install a sunken trampoline.

No kid can resist the bouncy fun of a trampoline! Instead of a conventionally raised version, use a sunken trampoline instead. It’s still as bouncy as the former, but safer and blends into the landscape better.

Worried about trips and falls? Don’t be. During artificial grass installation in Dallas, the pros can add a shock-absorbent layer that softens impact to reduce the risk of injuries.

4. Set up camp.

Boost the fun factor by adding a fort and other kinds of hideouts in your artificial backyard. It can be as over-the-top as a customized treehouse or as simple as a tepee in one corner. Better yet, let your children choose what they want to foster a sense of ownership.

5. Install a mini-golf putting green.

This ones for both kids and adults— share the outdoor fun by upgrading your yard with mini-golf! Putting green grass makes for a great surface to practice putting and hole-in-one. Personalize it with colored flags, add your kid’s names to the design, or incorporate their favorite characters and shapes into the mini-golf features.

6. Reserve a landscaping craft corner.

Let their imagination and creativity run wild by setting up a crafts corner in your synthetic backyard. All you need are some outdoor tables and chairs to get started. Keep the area cool by putting a shade or big umbrella over the area.

Make sure their craft stuff is within easy reach using small shelves made of weather-resistant material. You can even use a children’s wheelbarrow and fill it with their toys, books, coloring materials and more!

Want more ideas for your landscape, putting green or pet-friendly synthetic grass for dogs in Dallas? Set up a consultation with Home Turf Dallas by calling us at 214-736-4736. Let’s talk turf!