5 Awesome Reasons Why Every Golf Player Needs Artificial Putting Greens in Dallas

Just like any serious sport, getting better at golf is a time-consuming process. It requires patience, commitment and thousands of hours of practice. How many times a week do you get to practice your swing? In between work and family time, still probably not enough. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have unlimited access to one of your own artificial putting greens in Dallas? It’s time to invest in your game at home and backyard with the help of artificial grass in Dallas!

Putting Greens

Benefits of Having a Backyard Putting Green

For many avid golfers, the golf course is the only way to play their beloved sport. Unfortunately, it can be expensive given all the membership dues, travel costs and tee time expenses. Worse, you rarely get to play as much you want.

Take the game home with artificial turf in Dallas! Check out the advantages of having your very own artificial putting green:

Improve Your Game Exponentially

Installing a backyard putting green gives you unlimited time to play and practice. All you need to do is walk out the backdoor, and immediately start practicing your shots. You don’t have to putt and chip on the same old surface either— a custom putting green can be completely personalized based on your play style.

Design a Putting Green That Perfectly Fits Your Style

Don’t worry about getting bored playing every day in your backyard. You can customize the features and difficulty level of your putting green exactly as you like. Want sand traps, tee boxes, multiple holes, breaks and slopes? Consider it done, as long as you have the right putting green size. You can even design each section with a specific difficulty level, so that your skills are always getting challenged.

Very Minimal Maintenance Required

Don’t worry about upkeep for artificial putting greens in Dallas. In a way, putting greens are an install-it-and-forget-about-it affair, apart from some very light maintenance such brushing the turf, rinsing it out and picking up debris. Caring for turf is the complete opposite of caring for a natural lawn— no need to mow, water, fertilize or cut— just focus on enjoying your game!

Look Forward to a Long-Lasting Investment

High-quality artificial putting green material can last anywhere from 10-15 years or even longer, so expect to enjoy your personal golf paradise for a long time. The key is expert artificial grass installation in Dallas— when every inch is installed correctly, you can look forward to years of trouble-free playing time on your putting green

Get Ready for Savings in Your Pocket Putting Greens

Anybody who plays golf knows that it can be an expensive game. Of course, you need to invest in your bags, clubs and accessories. However, just practicing can really add up when you factor in all the range fees, membership and country club dues you need to regularly pay. After the artificial grass installation of your putting green, you can putt and chip to your heart’s content without paying a cent just to play!

Achieve the Private Green Backyard of Your Dreams Today!

No need to wait for your next free weekend just to play golf again when you’ve got a backyard putting green. What does your dream course look like? Share it with us here at Home Turf Dallas— call us at 214-736-4736 and let’s talk about your putting green installation project!