Boosting Real Estate Value with Artificial Grass Installation in Dallas

The demand has always been high for Dallas real estate, but if you want your property to really stand out, consider upgrading the yard with artificial grass installation in Dallas. By installing synthetic grass, you’re investing in the top 3 factors that today’s buyers are looking for beauty, safety, and minimal maintenance.

Artificial Grass Installation in Dallas

How Artificial Grass Drives Up Dallas Property Values

There are many great homes in Dallas, but not all of them have sensational landscaping. That’s why for many home buyers, a gorgeous backyard is not just something to enjoy but also a bragging right. In fact, the yard often becomes the deciding point for many buyers.

Compared to a natural lawn, lush, green artificial turf increases the chances of your property selling faster and selling for more. It boosts the following real estate factors:

Curb Appeal

According to experts, landscaping can add as much as 12.7% to the value of your home. With its natural, vibrant green tones, artificial grass in Dallas can make any backyard look fresh and spectacular. There will never be any overgrown weeds, and it will always look well-manicured all year long. You don’t even have to lift a finger because turf will stay as beautiful as it is on day one.


Artificial grass will give buyers greater peace of mind. It offers the safest play experience for families with children, and is a pet-friendly material as well. Older adults will appreciate the turf’s cushioned surface that effectively absorbs the impact of trips and falls. Synthetic grass is also soft and comfortable underfoot.

In addition to these safety features, artificial turf in Dallas is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and made from sustainable materials. Because it’s not alive, it will not harbor pests and toxic weeds. There will be no dangerous dips and holes on your lawn, because installers will level the ground and remove obstructions before laying the turf layer. In all, artificial grass offers a whole new level of safety that makes properties stand out in the market.

Minimal Maintenance

With a synthetic yard, home buyers never have to worry about lawn maintenance to the day they move and the entire time they’ll live on the property. Artificial grass installation in Dallas eliminates chores like fertilizing, weeding, sodding, mowing and watering while remaining green and plush. It’s the perfect choice for those with busy schedules or people who simply don’t want to waste their weekend trying to keep their backyards alive.

Better yet, low-maintenance turf also leads to a ton of savings. No need to buy expensive fertilizers and pesticides, or pay a fortune on the water bill. Forget about hiring lawn care companies for seasonal maintenance. Instead of blowing their budget on maintaining the yard, the new homeowners can spend it on more important expenses instead.

Make Your Home the Hottest Property on the Market with Turf

It takes something special for buyers to go from viewing a home to signing a contract, and artificial grass can help you make that happen. Home Turf Dallas specializes in artificial grass landscaping for commercial and residential properties. We’d love to give you a free quote or advice on your project, so feel free to call us at 281-816-9598 today.